Services and Collaboration

The University Consortium of Seinäjoki and its networks offer diverse opportunities for collaborating and developing your competence as well as various services for your company or organisation. Collaboration helps you adopt the latest scientific knowledge into active use. When you need expertise, solutions or a fresh perspective, we can connect you to the right researchers, experts and students.

Lectures, Events and Webinars

Joint events, lectures and webinars also serve as meeting opportunities for local businesses and universities. The research conducted in South Ostrobothnia deals with key issues for the region. Joint events can be held in connection with morning coffee breaks, meetings or any other events, allowing participants to discuss pressing issues with key experts in the field.

How about treating your staff to a Breakfast with an Expert?

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Student Collaboration

The University Consortium provides an extensive network of collaborative opportunities for businesses that wish to enlist the help of university students. Degree students are excellent partners for those who want to enhance their business with thesis or assignment-level expertise. We are home to a wide range of future experts in a variety of fields. Student collaboration can be implemented in various ways, such as:

  • Topics for theses, assignments and projects
  • Internship and summer job opportunities, which are excellent avenues for discovering students with the most potential
  • Visiting lectures by corporate experts, as well as topics and example cases provided by businesses
  • Events and meetings at the university that are open to companies

Small Research and Development Projects

Small research and development projects can help companies get a head start in solving tricky problems or engaging in collaborative development. These types of projects can utilise many forms of expertise, such as expert knowledge, literary analyses, interviews, seminars and workshops. And if all goes well, that small preliminary study could later lead to more extensive research and development opportunities.

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Support for Innovation and Digitalisation

We provide SMEs in the manufacturing industry and other fields with electronic analysis tools to support their innovation and digitalisation activities. Our analysis tools help companies gain a comprehensive understanding of the state of their innovation activities and digitalisation efforts.

Based on these results, the company can launch its own internal development activities or joint development projects, for example with experts from the University Consortium.

Our analysis tools are available to all companies free of charge.

Different Forms of Continuing Education

Continuing education provides opportunities for supplementing and enhancing the competence of individuals or entire companies as part of or in addition to their work. We tailor education packages to companies and organisations that meet their specific needs and help develop the competence of their staff. Continuing education can also be organised as part of development projects.

Collaboration in Degree Programmes with Working Life

Our degree education always takes the needs of working life into account, and our degree programmes are planned and implemented in close collaboration with our corporate partners. Strengthening our collaborative efforts constitutes a key part of our latest initiatives. We are always happy to hear how we could better highlight the needs of working life in our education.

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