Kuvassa neljä henkilöä istuu pöydän ääressä.

Welcome to Join the University Consortium of Seinäjoki

Kuvassa neljä henkilöä istuu pöydän ääressä.

The University Consortium of Seinäjoki (UCS) is a multidisciplinary community comprising 80 professionals from four Finnish universities. UCS is formed by Tampere University, the University of Helsinki, the University of Vaasa and the University of the Arts Helsinki. Our partners also include the University of Turku, the Natural Resources Institute Finland, the Migration Institute of Finland and the University Association of South Ostrobothnia (Epky).

Keys and Access Cards

UCS occupies premises that are leased from Frami Oy. Keys and access cards to the Frami building complex are managed and issued by SOL Facility Services. The glass-enclosed office of SOL Facility Services is located along the hallway between the doors C1 and C2 on the first floor of the C building. To obtain an access card, please submit a service request using Frami’s self-service portal (available in Finnish only). After your request has been processed, you can collect your access card from the office of SOL Facility Services.

Coordinator Päivi Alaniska approves key/access card requests to the premises of UCS (office C 240.1.2. and the UCS Student Hub C 240.1.2.) and orders the keys. Outi Kultti approves requests for access to the premises of the University Association of South Ostrobothnia (Epky).

Opening hours

The Frami building complex (buildings C-D) is open Monday through Friday from 7.30 to 17.00. An access card is required to enter the company facilities outside of normal opening hours.

The UCS Student Hub is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 17:00. The office hallway is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 16:00. Holders of the UCS access card can enter the facilities after hours. The building security system is activated at 22.00 (an audible alarm will sound in advance to alert all building users).


Make sure you are familiar with Frami’s evacuation plan and the locations of building-specific emergency assembly points. Defibrillators are located in the lobbies of the B and D buildings.

Facilities Management

Where can I find information about recycling and mail services? How about a map of the UCS campus? How do I report maintenance issues, such as a malfunctioning door?

Read more about the services from the Frami building guide (in Finnish).


UCS does not have designated parking spaces, for example, for guest lecturers. Our parking services are managed by Seipark Oy. You can purchase a parking permit to the P-Areena car park from Seipark or pay for hourly parking in the Frami parking garage using the self-service payment terminal located in the parking garage.

More information is available in Finnish on the website of Seipark Oy.

UCS Mailing List

UCS maintains a mailing list for internal communication purposes. To join the mailing list, please send a request to paivi.alaniska@tuni.fi.

Newsletter of the Epanet Research Network

Subscribe to the Epanet newsletter published by the University Consortium of Seinäjoki to keep up to date with our latest news, events and other topics.

Communal Coffee Breaks

Coffee is served in the UCS block C 230 from Monday to Friday in the mornings at 9:00 and in the afternoons at 14:00. Please ask a colleague about the basic break room etiquette when you visit the premises for the first time.

Support for Communications

The members of the UCS community can share their content through UCS’s communication channels. The Epanet newsletter is edited by Nina Harjunpää, nina.harjunpaa@epky.fi. Other communication activities at UCS (ucs.fi, IG, Fb, Li) are coordinated by Annukka Annala, annukka.annala@tuni.fi (UCS’s social media accounts, websites and other communications).

Please send your news articles to Annukka and Nina well in advance and be sure to include a photo. News sent to the UCS mailing list also go through Annukka and Nina.

Shared Facilities

The UCS Student Hub and the Timo classroom are available to all the members of the UCS community. The shared facilities are located in the block C 240.1.2.

There are some workstations and bookable group study rooms for students at the USC Student Hub. 

The Timo classroom, which doubles as a teaching space and a meeting room, is also located at the USC Student Hub. The classroom accommodates up to 25 people and is equipped with high-quality technology for running both in-person and hybrid meetings.

Read more about the USC Student Hub

Read more about our Research Residence

Instructions for booking and using the shared facilities 

Wireless Networks

eduroam is a secure, worldwide roaming access service with hotspots available in universities, research centres, schools, public spaces, and other communities in Finland and abroad. The organisations that have joined eduroam provide access to their wireless networks to users from other participating organisations. Users can connect to eduroam with their home organisation’s username and password.

Roam.fi is an encrypted roaming access service for Finnish universities, universities or applied sciences and other communities.

The TUNI-STAFF wireless network is installed on all computers centrally maintained by the IT Services of Tampere Universities. 

Wireless Visitor Network

Users who are visiting Tampere Universities can log in to the TUNI-GUEST network if their home organisation has not joined eduroam or roam.fi.


  1. Connect to the TUNI-GUEST network with your device.
  2. Select your email address or phone number as the login method.
  3. Read the Terms of use in the activation form and tick the checkbox where you agree to comply with the terms.
  4. Fill in the information required in the activation form (your email address or phone number).
  5. Select Proceed.
  6. You will receive the activation link via email or text message. TUNI-GUEST will provide you with temporary Internet access so you can activate your connection. Once you click the activation link, you will have 12-hour access to the TUNI-GUEST network.