Focus Areas in Research and Epanet

The University Consortium of Seinäjoki is home to research groups from five universities that carry out research in our key focus areas.

These focus areas are linked to the business activities, service development and cultural activities relevant to our surrounding communities. The core of our research activities is formed by research groups led by professors and other experienced researchers.

The University Consortium’s research strategy is called Epanet, which describes the network-like focus of our collaborative research efforts. This collaboration involves five universities, the Natural Resources Institute Finland, the Migration Institute of Finland, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, regional development organisations, service providers, and companies from various sectors.

Each year, over a hundred partners participate in funding the professorships of those who lead our research groups. This means that our collaborative network is one of both resources and ideas. Our interaction with our funders includes close collaboration with the University Association of South Ostrobothnia.

The aim of our research is to achieve an ambitiously international level of quality and competitiveness. From a strategic point of view, we strive for multidisciplinarity, new approaches and interesting results.

The higher education units operating in South Ostrobothnia, the University Consortium, the University of Applied Sciences and the University Association collaborate closely together. This collaboration includes expert groups in our focus area as well as regular joint meetings between management groups. Together, the region’s higher education actors have prepared a joint strategy for higher education in South Ostrobothnia.

Research groups in The University Consortium of Seinäjoki

Agrobioeconomy and Sustainable Food Solutions

  • Food Development, Professor Anu Hopia,
    University of Turku
  • Consumer behavior and marketing,
    Professor Harri Luomala,
    University of Vaasa
  • Economics of sustainable animal production,
    Professor  Jarkko Niemi,
    Natural Resources Institute Finland
  • Food Science,
    Research Director Silvia Gaiani, University of Helsinki, Ruralia insitute

Smart Technologies

  • Architecture,
    Professor  Ari Hynynen, Tampere University
  • Digital Manufacturing,
    Industry Professor Iñigo Flores Ituarte,
    Tampere university
  • Logistic systems, 
    professor Petri Helo
    University of Vaasa
  • Metalli­rakentaminen,
    Tampereen yliopisto
  • Digital Healthcare,
    professor  Mark van Gils,
    Tampere university

Welfare and Creativity

  • Regional History and Cultural Heritage
    research director, Sulevi Riukulehto, University of Helsinki
  • Knowledge-based urban and regional development,
    research director Jari Kolehmainen
    Tampere university
  • Cultural Music Research,
    professor  Antti-Ville Villén,
    Sibelius-Academy of the University of the Arts
  • Health Promotion in Children and Adolescents Kalle Kurppa, Tampere University
  • Psychology, Intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum
    Professor Elina Kontu, Tampere University
  • Laboratory Medicine,
    Professor Onni Niemelä
    Tampere university
  • Nursing Science,
    professor Eija Paavilainen
    Tampere University
  • Respiratory Medicine,
    Professor  Hannu Kankaanranta,
    Tampere university
  • Urologiy,
    Professor Teemu Murtola,
    Tampere university
  • Internal medicine / endocrinology,
    Professor  Pia Jaatinen,
    Tampere university
  • Psychiatry,
    Professor Merja Viikki,
    Tampere university
  • Addiction Medicine,
    Professor  Mauri Aalto,
    Tampere university
  • Migration and Related subjects,
    docent Markku Mattila,
    Migration Institute

Entrepreneurship and growth

  • Wood building business,
    Professor Anu Bask,
    University of Vaasa
  • Entrepreneurship,
    Professor Pekka Töytäri,
    University of Vaasa
  • Rural entrepreneurship,
    Senior Researcher Merja Lähdesmäki,
    University of Helsinki
  • Environmental entrepreneurship and environmental sustainebility,
    Professor Sami Kurki,
    University of Helsinki