The University Consortium of Seinäjoki is a multidisciplinary scientific network of some hundred experts from six Finnish universities. The consortium is coordinated by the University of Tampere.

The University Consortium of Seinäjoki focuses on scientific and artistic research and development, adult education, and widespread collaboration with public and private organisations. In doing so, it aims for significant scientific, social, and regional impact. The University Consortium operates in and across local, regional, national and international networks, and it is actively involved in the development of innovation environments, aiming at the renewal of business life, public services and culture through scientific knowledge.

Did you know?

The first Seinäjoki university unit was established in 1981. Since the inception of the University Consortium the new organization has enhanced co-operation between the member universities and intensified regional impact. UCS aims at further promoting productive interaction in the region, and seeks to establish new channels of co-operation between those who produce scientific knowledge and those who need it.