UCS is involved in exceptionally widespread collaboration with public and private organizations. The majority of these are small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) in South Ostrobothnia or elsewhere in Western Finland. The reciprocal relationship between research and business practice boosts the applicability of research results and, importantly, reinforces regional growth.

Companies and organizations can:

  • utilise students’ skills by offering them internships and research topics;
  • use the experts of UCS member universities for their support;
  • order scientific research;
  • offer working spaces to increase interaction;
  • participate in development and education projects


UCS operates in international research and development networks. The amount of international partners, most of them European, North American and Asian, has steadily increased during the past 15 years. International funding comes e.g. from the EU programs Horizon, Interreg, and Research Fund for Coal and Steel.

UCS promotes the mobility of researchers by inviting visiting scholars to EPANET research groups and by granting support for internationalization of local scholars.


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