In a nutshell, the University Consortium:

  • comprises five partner universities: University of Tampere, University of Helsinki, University of Arts: Sibelius Academy, University of Vaasa and Tampere University of Technology;
  • is the base for 22 research groups;
  • brings together a community of 90 experts;
  • hosts 13 researchers at the Researchers' Residence;
  • educates 2500 students per year;
  • has contributed to 340 Master’s degrees in the region of South Ostrobothnia;
  • has received annual total funding of €6.8 million.


The University Consortium of Seinäjoki is a multidisciplinary scientific community of some 90 experts involving five Finnish universities. The University of Tampere coordinates the University Consortium.

The University Consortium of Seinäjoki focuses on scientific and artistic research and development, adult education, and widespread collaboration with public and private organisations; in doing so, it aims for significant social and regional scientific impact. The University Consortium combines internationality and local cooperation, and it is actively involved in the development work of innovation environments, aiming at the renewal of business life, public services and culture through scientific knowledge.

The operations of the University Consortium are based to a considerable extent on international, national and sub-regional cooperation networks.


The first university unit started in 1981 in Seinäjoki. Since inception of consortium the new organisation has enhanced cooperation between the partner universities and intensified positive regional impacts. The Consortium’s goal is to promote productive interaction in the region. Through further operational developments, the Consortium seeks to establish new channels between those who produce scientific knowledge and those who need it.


The operations of the University Consortium focus on fields with a strong connection to business (SMEs) and working life in the region. There are four focal areas of research, development and adult education:

  •  Intelligent and energy-efficient systems
  •  Sustainable food solutions
  •  Healthy and creative individuals and communities
  • Entrepreneurship, new business concepts and service innovations


Epanet can be described as a research network strategy of University Consortium of Seinäjoki. It is regional network that brings together 22 research groups, each of which is led by a professor or research director. The major part of the resources are collected by University Association of South Ostrobothnia that co-ordinates Epanet-network. Researchers working in the groups are employed by universities.


The University Consortium focuses on adult education, which is realised as teaching through the Open University, as degree-oriented education, and through continuing education. Every year, some 2500 students study at the University Consortium. Studies are flexible, so it is possible for students to study while working. Collaboration among the universities enables a diverse range of high-quality research and courses for students. Education combines scientific knowledge and know-how of the working life.


The University Consortium of Seinäjoki strives to promote international activities and cooperation. Internationalisation and close partnerships with business and industry are the cornerstones of the University Consortium’s success. The University Consortium is already involved in widespread research cooperation: every research group collaborates internationalservicesand projects that enhance internationalisation.

Examples of our international activities:

 Jump into the world project


The University Consortium of Seinäjoki is involved in exceptionally widespread collaboration with public and private organisations and academies.

Organisations can:

  •  utilise students’ skills by offering them internships and dissertation topics;
  •  use the experts of the Consortium’s universities to support their activities;
  •  order scientific research;
  •  offer working spaces to increase interaction;
  •  participate in different development and education projects.


The Researchers' Residence at the University Consortium of Seinäjoki is a service provided for researchers and graduate and undergraduate students, regardless of their university affiliation. The aim of the service is to support researchers' work in the Seinäjoki region by offering a local workplace and research facilities. The Researchers' Residence does not offer accommodation or cover any other costs.

More information about the Researchers' Residence

University consortia brochure


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